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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets/16

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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 16 (2010).

* The volume contains the Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, held on 15-16 May 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria (Number 2).
** The volume contains the Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, held on 11 October 2010 in Banska Bystrica (Number 4).

Number 1

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Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 On relationships among intuitionistic fuzzy approximation operators, intuitionistic fuzzy topology and intuitionistic fuzzy automata S. P. Tiwari 1—9
2 Intuitionistic fuzzy implications and axioms for implications Krassimir Atanassov, Dimitar Dimitrov 10—20
3 Representation of fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy data by radar charts Vassia Atanassova 21—26
4 Weak and strong forms of intuitionistic fuzzy sg-irresolute mappings R. Santhi, K. Arun Prakash 27—39
5 An outline for a new approach to clustering based on intuitionistic fuzzy relations Dmitri Viattchenin 40—60

Number 2 *

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Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 On some measures of information and knowledge for intuitionistic fuzzy sets Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk, Paweł Bujnowski 1—11
2 A note on the extended modal operator Gα,β Peter Vassilev 12—15
3 Equalities with intuitionistic fuzzy subtractions and negations Krassimir Atanassov, Magdaléna Renčová, Dimitar Dimitrov 16—21
4 On some issues related to the distances between the Atanassov intuitionistic fuzzy sets are described on universe with weights Radoslav Tcvetkov, Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk 22—30
5 Four modal forms of intuitionistic fuzzy implication →@ and two related intuitionistic fuzzy negations. Part 1 Lilija Atanassova 31—34
6 On the new intuitionistic fuzzy operator xa,b,c,d,e,f Krassimir Atanassov 35—38
7 Domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graphs G. Thamizhendhi, Rangasamy Parvathi 39—50
8 Generalized net model of process of the administration servicing in a digital university with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations Anthony Shannon, Evdokia Sotirova, Krassimir Atanassov, Maciej Krawczak, Pedro Melo-Pinto, Sotir Sotirov, Stefan Hadjitodorov, Taekyun Kim 51—56

Number 3

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Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 Continuity of intuitionistic fuzzy proper functions on intuitionistic smooth fuzzy topological spaces R. Roopkumar, C. Kalaivani 1—21
2 (α,β)-cut of intuitionistic fuzzy ideals Dhiren Kumar Basnet 22—27
3 Intuitionistic fuzzy generalized semi-pre closed mappings R. Santhi, D. Jayanthi 28—39
4 Remark on equalities between intuitionistic fuzzy sets Krassimir Atanassov 40—41
5 On intuitionistic fuzzy level operators Beloslav Riečan, Krassimir Atanassov 42—44

Number 4 **

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Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 Operation division by n over intuitionistic fuzzy sets Beloslav Riečan, Krassimir Atanassov 1—4
2 The Inclusion-Exclusion principle for IF-events Karol Samuelčík, Jana Kelemenová 5—8
3 The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle on some algebraic structures Jana Kelemenová, Mária Kuková 9—11
4 Geometric interpretation and the properties of two new operators over the intuitionistic fuzzy sets Peter Vassilev, Lyudmila Todorova 12—16
5 Conditional probability on the Kôpka D-posets Ivana Hollá, Karol Samuelčík 17—25
6 On some ways of determining membership and non-membership functions characterizing intuitionistic fuzzy sets Krassimir Atanassov, Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk 26—30
7 On intuitionistic fuzzy histograms Lilija Atanassova, George Gluhchev, Krassimir Atanassov 31—36